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Cybercrime: December 2011

Journal articles

  • An analysis of money laundering and terrorism financing typologies / Angela Samantha Maitland Irwin, Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo and Lin Liu
    Journal of money laundering control 15(1) 2012: 85-111
    Summary: Examines the money laundering and terrorism financing problem, threats, trends, techniques and amounts involved, and the application of findings to virtual environments
  • Evaluating crime prevention : scientific rationality or governmentality? / Birgitte Ellefsen
    Journal of Scandinavian studies in criminology and crime prevention 12(2) 2011: 103-127
    Summary: Presents a brief history of the development of crime prevention evaluation followed by a comparative analysis of the three evaluation traditions' strengths and weaknesses
  • How often are teens arrested for sexting? Data from a national sample of police cases / Janis Wolak, David Finkelhor and Kimberly J Mitchell
    Pediatrics 129(1) Jan 2012: 9 p
    Summary: Examines characteristics of youth sexting cases handled by police and their outcomes in response to clinical and other concerns about the risks of sexting behaviour
  • Sexting and young people : experts' views / Shelley Walker, Lena Sanci and Meredith Temple-Smith
    Youth studies Australia 30(4) Dec 2011: 8-16
    Summary: Reports on the first phase of a study on sexting, including reasons for young people's participation, potential consequences and solutions, based on information from interviews with teen culture authors and professionals from the academic, education and health sectors
  • The extent of the cyber security threat / John Hilvert
  • The 'sexting' quagmire : criminal justice responses to adolescents' electronic transmission of indecent images in the UK and the USA / Nigel Stone
    Youth justice 11(3) Dec 2011: 266-281
    Summary: Use of conventional child pornography legislation can be inappropriately heavy-handed and draconian when applied to 'sexting' offences
  • Virtual artifacts : eBay, antiquities, and authenticity / Emily Fay
    Journal of contemporary criminal justice 27(4) Nov 2011: 449-464
    Summary: Examines the market for antiquities on eBay to investigate the claims made by sellers about the authenticity of artefacts and discusses the complexities of separating the fake from the genuine
  • What's in a name? Privacy and citizenship in the voluntary disclosure of subscriber information in online child exploitation investigations / Andrea Slane and Lisa M Austin
    Criminal law quarterly 57(4) Oct 2011: 486-508
    Summary: Discusses the historical background to voluntary cooperation with law enforcement requests in online child exploitation cases and the legal principle of 'reasonableness' when dealing with privacy issues