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Cybercrime: October 2010


Journal articles

  • Consent : the weakest link in online privacy protection / Dan Jerker B Svantesson
    Internet law bulletin 13(5) Sep 2010:
  • Cybercrime : protecting children from predators online
    Blueprint no. 30 Sep 2010: 20-25
  • Differentiating identity theft : an exploratory study of victims using a national victimization survey / Heith Copes, Kent R Kerley, Rodney Huff and John Kane
    Journal of criminal justice 38(5) Sep/Oct 2010: 1045-1052
    Summary: Uses data from the (US) National Public Survey on White Collar Crime
  • Internet trolling case sparks calls for an Online Ombudsman to handle social network user complaints relating to Internet content : what of the idea? / Colette Langos
    Internet law bulletin 13(5) Sep 2010: 82-87
  • Protecting children from online predators : the use of covert investigation techniques by law enforcement / Gregor Urbas
    Journal of contemporary criminal justice 26(4) Nov 2010: 410-425
    Summary: Explores situations in which cybercrimes such as online child grooming can be covertly investigated and seeks to identify best practice for effective online law enforcement
  • Transferring subcultural knowledge on-line : practices and beliefs of persistent digital pirates
    Deviant behavior 31(7) Oct 2010: 625-654
    Summary: Analyses data collected from semi-structured interviews with 34 individuals who actively engaged in the illegal downloading of digital materials and from ethnographic observations of an on-line forum

Web Sites

  • Internet safety / National Child Protection Clearinghouse (Australia)
    Summary: Information is provided on a selection of sites covering safety issues and guidelines for parents of children and young people in using the Internet