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Cybercrime: May 2010

A selection of new key reports, books, journal articles and websites. All items are available on interlibrary loan through the JV Barry Library. Please contact your own library for assistance.


Journal articles

  • Anti-skimming task force formed / Ernie Davitt
    Australian security magazine. May/Jun 2010:14
    Summary: NSW Police have formed a special strike force to conbat an upsurge in credit card fraud focusing on 'skimming'.
  • Cloud computing : a legal storm in a teacup? / Alec Christie and Richard W Smith
    Internet law bulletin 13(1) Apr 2010: 188-191
    Summary: Highlights some of the legal issues that may negatively affect users of cloud computing and provides practical solutions for lawyers assisting clients.
  • Copyright as (decentred) regulation : digital piracy as a case study / Chris Dent
    Monash University law review 35(2) 2009: 348-375
  • Governing data
    Australian security magazine. May-Jun 2010:22
    Summary: Flinders University has deployed a new large-scale high-capacity storage system for CCTV data.
  • Interviewing compliant adolescent victims / Catherine Connell and Martha J Finnegan
    FBI law enforcement bulletin 79(5) May 2010: 16-19
    Summary: Explores the reasons that young victims sometimes comply with perpetrators and suggests ways of working through this in forensic interviews.
  • It's different on the internet : regulating online content / Veronica Scott and Caitlin Fankhauser
    Internet law bulletin 13(1) Apr 2010: 200-203
  • Liability for internet archives : the risks / Veronica Scott and Gemma-Jane Cooper
    Internet law bulletin 13(1) Apr 2010: 197-199
    Summary: Discusses the Australian approach to the liability risks of online and archived material and how lawyers can advise internet publishers to limit their risks.
  • Two tools to hold off hackers / John Wagley
    Security management 54(5) May 2010: 65 + [4] p
    Summary: Discusses firewall management tools and network behaviour analysis.