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Cybercrime: January 2010

A selection of new key reports, books, journal articles and websites. All items are available on interlibrary loan through the JV Barry Library. Please contact your own library for assistance.


Conference Papers

Journal articles

  • Cybercrime
    Criminal justice studies 22(4) Dec 2009: whole issue
    Summary: Four articles on college students and different aspects of cybercrime: three on digital piracy, covering beliefs and practices, gender differences, and social learning theory; and one on differentiation in cybercriminal careers.
  • Securing the information highway / Wesley K Clark and Peter L Levin
    Foreign affairs 88(6) Nov/Dec 2009: 8 p
    Summary: The United States is already engaged in low-intensity cyberconflicts, characterized by aggressive enemy efforts to collect intelligence on the country's weapons, electrical grid, traffic-control system, and even its financial markets.
  • SMS spam : success for ACMA against 'a particularly vile form of behaviour' / Jane Quek and Catherine McGill
    Internet law bulletin 12(8) Dec 2009: 124-125
    Summary: The recent case Australian Communications and Media Authority v Mobilegate indicates that ACMA will come after corporations and individuals who spam consumers by way of SMS messages on mobile phones
  • The utility of securing the electricity supply / Ross Johnson, Chris McColm and Doug Powell
    Security management 53(12) Dec 2009: 45-51
    Summary: The multiple threats to electricity suppliers and how to minimise them are discussed.


  • IFPI digital music report
    International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), 2004 -