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Community safety: July 2014

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Wherever possible, open access to full text documents are provided, but for licensing reasons, they cannot be given for most journal articles. Please contact your own library for any items that are not freely available - we are happy to help them with inter-library loans if needed.

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Journal articles

  • A decade of serious non-fatal assault in New Zealand / John D Langley and Pauline Gulliver
    New Zealand medical journal 125(1363) 12 Oct 2012: 65-76
  • A new conceptual framework for revenge firesetting / Magali Barnoux and Theresa A Gannon
    Psychology, crime and law 20(5/6) Jun/Jul 2014: 497-513
  • Bridging structure and perception : on the neighbourhood ecology of beliefs and worries about violent crime / Ian Brunton-Smith, Jonathan Jackson and Alex Sutherland
    British journal of criminology 54(4) Jul 2014: 503-526
  • Counter terror comms / John Maher
    Intersec : the journal of international security 24(6) Jun 2014:
  • Crime in neighbourhoods : evidence from Santiago, Chile / Mauricio Olavarria-Gambi and Claudio Allende-Gonzalez
    Crime prevention and community safety 16(3) 2014: 205-226
  • Does fear of crime discourage walkers? A social-ecological exploration of fear as a deterrent to walking / Sarah Foster, Billie Giles-Corti and Matthew Knuiman
    Environment and behavior 46(6) 2014: 698-717
  • Explaining high-risk concentrations of crime in the city : social disorganization, crime opportunities, and important next steps / Anthony A Braga and Ronald V Clarke
    Journal of research in crime and delinquency 51(4) Jul 2014: 480-498
  • Hate crime in the wake of terror attacks : evidence from 7/7 and 9/11 / Emma Hanes and Stephen Machin
    Journal of contemporary criminal justice 30(3) 2014: 247-267
  • Hate crime research : design and measurement strategies for improving causal inference / Donald P Green and Amber D Spry
    Journal of contemporary criminal justice 30(3) 2014: 228-246
  • It takes a village : integrated approach targets gang violence in B.C. / Deidre Seiden
    RCMP Gazette 76(2) 2014: 7-9
  • Live music gigs : providing an alternative to underage drinking in Byron Bay / Nicqui Yazdi
    GrogWatch (Australian Drug Foundation). 01 Jul 2014:[5,iii] p
  • Officers as mirrors : policing, procedural justice and the (re)production of social identity / Ben Bradford, Kristina Murphy and Jonathan Jackson
    British journal of criminology 54(4) Jul 2014: 527-550
  • Proactive approach : addressing Canada's aboriginal gangs / Sigrid Forberg
    RCMP Gazette 76(2) 2014: 20-21
  • Protective security in Australia : scandal, media images and reform / Tim Prenzler and Rick Sarre
    Journal of policing, intelligence and counter terrorism 3(2) Oct 2008: 23-37
  • The impact of self control and neighborhood disorder on bullying victimization / Thomas J Holt, Michael G Turner and M Lyn Exum
    Journal of criminal justice 42(4) Jul/Aug 2014: 347-355
  • The power of policing partnerships : sustaining the gains / Lorraine Mazerolle
    Journal of experimental criminology. 25 Apr 2014:25 p
  • The unacceptable (?) face of elite gun culture / Peter Squires
    CJM : criminal justice matters no. 96 Jun 2014: 20-21