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Alcohol and violence: December 2014

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Journal articles

  • Characteristics of adults in involved in alcohol-related intimate partner violence : results from a nationally representative sample / Jennifer M Reingle Gonzalez, Nadine M Connell, Michael S Businelle, Wesley G Jennings and Karen G Chartier
    BMC public health vol. 14 2014: 1-8
  • Drowning the pain : intimate partner violence and drinking to cope prospectively predict problem drinking / Camilla S Overup, Angelo M DiBello, Julie A Brunson, Linda K Acitelli and Clayton Neighbors
    Addictive behaviors vol. 41 2015: 152-161
  • Harmful alcohol use as a predictor of intimate partner violence during the transition to parenthood : interdependent and interactive effects / Erica M Woodin, Valerie Caldeira, Alina Sotskova, Tara Galaugher and Michael Lu
    Addictive behaviors vol. 39 2014: 1890-1897
  • Post-lockout, fortunes are mixed in the Cross / Daniel Nethery
    Inside story. 12 Dec 2014:[3] p
  • Problematic alcohol use and sexual assault among male college students : the moderating and mediating roles of alcohol outcome expectancies / Antover P Tuliao and Dennis McChargue
    American journal on addictions 23(Jul/Aug) 2014: 321-328
  • Sydney not the only violent hotspot
    New South Wales police news 94(12) Dec 2014: 22
  • Wasted lives / Emma O'Sullivan
    About the House no. 48 Aug 2014: 20-25