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Alcohol and violence: June 2014

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Journal articles

  • Alcohol use disorder diagnosis in the criminal justice system : an analysis of the compatability of current DSM-IV, proposed DSM-5.0, and DSM-5.1 diagnostic criteria in a correctional sample / Albert M Kopak, Amanda V Metze and Norman G Hoffman
    International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology 58(6) Jun 2014: 638-654
  • Extending the hours of operation of alcohol serving establishments : an assessment of an innovative strategy to reduce the problems arising from the after-hours consumption of alcohol / Mitchell B Chamlin and Sarah E Scott
    Criminal justice policy review 25(4) 2014: 432-449
  • Predictive validity of the AUDIT for hazardous alcohol consumption in recently released prisoners / Emma Thomas, Louisa Degenhardt, Rosa Alati and Stuart A Kinner
    Drug and alcohol dependence vol. 134 Jan 2014: 322-329
  • Reducing intoxication among bar patrons : some lessons from prevention of drinking and driving / Kathryn Graham, Peter G Miller, Tanya Chikritzhs, Mark A Bellis, John D Clapp and Karen E Hughes
    Addiction 109(5) May 2014: 693-698
  • Should the legal age for buying alcohol be raised to 21 years? / John Winston Toumbourou, Kypros Kypri, Sandra C Jones and Ian B Hickie
    Medical journal of Australia 200(10) 02 Jun 2014: 568-570
  • The connections between substance dependence, offense type, and offense severity / Albert M Kopak, Lisa Vartanian, Norman G Hoffmann and Dana E Hunt
    Journal of drug issues 44(3) Jul 2014: 291-307
  • What can circle sentencing courts tell us about drug and alcohol problems affecting Aboriginal communities? / Gail Wallace
    Medical journal of Australia 200(11) 16 Jun 2014: 675-677
  • What police want from liquor licensing legislation : the Australian perspective / Allan Trifonoff, Roger Nicholas, Ann M Roche, Tania Steenson and Rachel Andrew
    Police practice and research 15(4) 2014: 293-306