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Only in Canada, eh? Restorative justice the Canadian way

74 Leichhardt Street, Griffith ACT, Ms Robin Vandekleut
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM 23 February 2009

Ms Robin Vandekleut
Restorative Justice Canada

Presentation overview

Restorative justice has been practised in Canada for the past 35 years. Surprisingly, many Canadians remain unaware of its power, its reach and its effects on the Canadian judicial system and on society as a whole. Restorative justice is currently operating with a strong infrastructure in every Canadian province and territory, but has yet to come to the attention of most Canadians. This has unfortunately resulted in a lack of national understanding about what it is and what it is not; a lack of support, both financially and philosophically; and unease in allowing it to evolve organically. Restorative-justice practitioners have recognized that there is a need to begin to speak with one voice to Canadians about restorative justice in order to excite the evolution of phase two of the movement. This presentation will look at the evolution of restorative justice in Canada and where we are today and will communicate a vision of the structures necessary in order to give it new application both nationally and internationally. If you are interested in listening to and contributing to future possibilities for restorative justice internationally, you won't want to miss this discussion.

The presenter

Robin Vandekleut is working toward the launch of a National Restorative Justice office in Canada. Educated in criminology through the University of Ottawa, she worked in the court system in the 1980s and saw firsthand the disparity in a structure that favoured the voice of the offender over the voice of the victim. That was the beginning of her desire to advocate for systemic change. She has spent the past 20 years honing her skills in marketing and mass communication on a national scale and keeping a pulse on the growth of the restorative-justice movement in Canada. In her own words, she has the audacity to believe that we, as partners in the cause of restorative justice, have the ability to influence a nation; that we in restorative justice can link arms internationally; and that we have the ability to influence a world to embrace restoration and peace as normative. She has a passion to bring this to fruition, and she is on a mission to do so in Canada.

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