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Criminal justice in England and Wales : recent research and radical reform

Australian Institute of Criminology, Richard Harries
20 March 2001 -

Richard Harries
Strategic Policy Team, Home Office, UK


Richard Harries joined the Home Office in 1989, working first as an operational researcher and more recently as an economic adviser. Previous projects have included an assessment of the Woolf Report recommendation to allow male convicted prisoners to wear their own clothes, development of the Flows & Costs model (a trilateral initiative for estimating the economic impact of changes to criminal policy - currently being used for the Review of Criminal Courts by Lord Justice Auld), and lead responsibility for modelling and predicting property crime trends in England & Wales.

Richard discussed CJS modelling and concentrated upon costing the CJS, estimating the total number of active offenders, crime projections and prison population projections. He also discussed proposals for Criminal Justice Reform in England and Wales covering policing, courts, sentencing policy and 21st Century technology. The title of his paper was Criminal Justice Modelling.