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Young people, risk and resilience: The challenges of alcohol, drugs and violence conference

RACV Club, 501 Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
07-08 March 2011

Young people, risk and resilience

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Day one

  • Welcome address—Dr Adam Tomison, Director, Australian Institute of Criminology and Nello Marino,
    Co-Chair, Victorian Safe Communities Network
  • Plenary address 2—Deputy Commissioner Kieran Walshe, Victoria Police
    Challenging the culture of violence in the public and private domains
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  • Plenary address 3—A/Prof John Fitzgerald, Executive Manager, Knowledge & Environments for Health, VicHealth
    Promoting messages to young people: strategic approaches to reducing harm
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  • Plenary address 4—Dr Tom Carroll, Adjunct Professor, School of Public Health, University of Sydney
    Applying social marketing techniques to crime prevention and community safety

Concurrent session 1a— Violence and safety

  • Sheryl Hemphill and Rachel Smith, Centre for Adolescent Health
    Youth violence prevention approaches: which ones work and how do we know?
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  • Dr Lucas Walsh, Foundation for Young Australians
    The solution and the source: preventing violence through schools and youth-led change
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Concurrent session 1b—Drugs and alcohol

  • Lance Smith, Australian Institute of Criminology
    Research challenges with the ACT policing strategies for licensed premises project
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  • Lisa Armstrong-Rowe, City of Greater Geelong and Sergeant Shane Connolly, Victoria Police
    ‘So you know’: an education campaign for licensed premises
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  • Natalie Drage and Will Doran, Cessnock City Council and Snr Constable Michael Steele, NSW Police
    Smart Choices: an early intervention initiative between NSW Police and Cessnock Council
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  • Sgt Antony Woodbridge, New Zealand Police and Andrew Galloway, Alcohol Advisory Council of NZ
    Alcohol harm reduction: initiatives for youth in small communities
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Concurrent session 1c— Youth and the criminal justice system

  • Natalie Gately, Edith Cowan University
    The Young Offender Risk Identification Assessment screening tool
    Presentation slides
  • Prue Holzer, Productivity Commission
    Developing a performance indicator framework for juvenile justice services
    Presentation slides
  • Danny Alcock and Azusa Umemoto, TaskForce
    Characteristics of young substance users and their attitudes towards seeking treatment
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Concurrent session 1d— Supporting young people

  • Verne McManus and Pariri Rautahi, Massey University
    Community action on youth and drugs: making a difference at the community level
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  • Kimberley Banfield and Karly Redwood, Victoria Police
    Alcohol diversion for underage youth: the Victorian Early Intervention Pilot Program
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Concurrent session 2a— Violence and safety

  • Emma Price, Centre Against Sexual Assault, Royal Women’s Hospital
    Young people and sexual violence: the challenge of prevention
    Presentation slides
  • Mary Ashe, Injury Council of WA
    Y-Safety? A question and answer forum between young people and stakeholders
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  • Dean Griggs, City of Melbourne and Cr Jennifer Kanis, Melbourne City Council
    Turning fear into courage: putting young people into perspective
    Presentation slides
  • Ray Messer, The Family Action Centre
    Rock and Water violence prevention program
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Concurrent session 2b—Drugs and alcohol

  • A/Prof Mohamed Abdalla and Abdi Hersi, Griffith University
    Khat: an emerging drug concern in Australia
    Presentation slides
  • Sheena Arora, National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre
    What’s behind the common risk-taking practice & help-seeking behaviours of regular ecstasy users?
    Presentation slides
  • Rachael Green, National Drug Research Institute
    For better or worse: Exploring the centrality of relationships in client narratives, and considerations for outcomes evaluation
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Concurrent session 2c— Youth and the criminal justice system

  • Jennifer Fleming, Edith Cowan University
    Uncouth youth?: Building a profile of young offenders in Perth Children’s Court, 1994–2009
    Presentation slides
  • LSC Kevin Mack, Victoria Police
    Prevention through connection: restorative practices and family community group conferencing
    Presentation slides
  • Jeremy Cass, Youth Legal Service, Victoria Legal Aid
    Diversion and support for young people in Victoria
    Presentation slides
  • Karen Hart, The Youth Junction Inc
    Crime, choices and consequences: preventive intervention at work in re-offending youth
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Day 2 opening

Concurrent session 3a— Perceptions of young people

  • A/Prof Michele Grossman, Victoria University
    ‘Come over, there’s a fight!’: youth violence, conflict triggers and cultural diversity in Melbourne’s inner west
    Presentation slides
  • Sharan Kraemer, Edith Cowan University
    Examination of the ‘myth of entitlement’ beliefs of young people
    Presentation slides
  • Mary Ashe, Injury Council of WA
    Our space, safe place: young people’s perceptions of safety in different public spaces
    Presentation slides

Concurrent session 3b—Drugs and alcohol

  • Jodie Downey, City of Ballarat
    SSMART Work: building resilience to tackle alcohol related harm
    Presentation slides
  • Jason Payne and Antonette Gaffney, Australian Institute of Criminology
    Changes in drug use patterns among two birth cohorts of young police detainees
    Presentation slides
  • Sarah Grace, Life Saving Victoria
    Alcohol-related drowning deaths in young people in Victoria, 2000–2010
    Presentation slides
  • Jo Howard, Peninsula Health
    Preventing adolescent uptake of alcohol and drugs: adolescent violence in the home
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Concurrent session 3c— Violence and safety

  • Dr Aneta Kotevski, Centre for Adolescent Health
    Consequences of cyber bullying in Victorian students: a longitudinal study
    Presentation slides
  • Prof John Toumbourou, Deakin University
    Predicting area-level trends for youth alcohol-related assaults and hospital admissions in Victoria
    Presentation slides
  • Dr Michael Flood, University of Wollongong
    Increasing the effectiveness and reach of violence prevention among boys and young men
    Presentation slides
  • LSC Renee Bloomfield, Victoria Police
    Frankston Police and Community Youth Assist Program
    Presentation slides

Concurrent session 3d— Youth and the criminal justice system

  • Richard Parker, Juvenile Justice NSW
    Cognitive self-change with high-risk juvenile offenders
    Presentation slides
  • Anne Hooker, Port Phillip Prison
    The youth unit at Port Phillip Prison
    Presentation slides
  • Bronwyn Manion, Department of Human Services and Bron Parker, Catholic Care
    Joint Tenancy Assistance Program: testament to the resilience of young people
    Presentation slides
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