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Crime prevention and policy: New tools for contemporary challenges

Mercure Hotel, 818-820 George St, Sydney
9:00 AM 23 November 2011 - 5:00 PM 24 November 2011

Crime prevention and policy 


Conference opening

Conference opening

Dr Adam Tomison, Director, Australian Institute of Criminology

Welcome address

The Hon Greg Smith SC MP, NSW Attorney General and Minister for Justice

Keynote addresses

Mr Steve Aos

Benefit-cost analysis in the real world: How the Washington State Legislature is using evidence-based information to lower crime rates and cut crime costs

Peter Homel

Australian Institute of Criminology
How do I know if it worked? Measuring the effectiveness of crime prevention in Australia

Professor Patricia Brantingham

New research techniques and the dynamic nature of crime: A crime prevention response for the 21st Century

Professor Anna Stewart

Understanding and costing offending trajectories: Creating an evidence base for targeting crime prevention

Concurrent session 1

Mr Andrew Webber

NSW Department of Attorney General and Justice
Using Willingness to Pay to Value Crimes

Mr Craig Jones

NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research
Public willingness to pay for rehabilitation versus imprisonment to reduce adult and juvenile offending

Miss Nicole Mahoney

NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research
Understanding the role of Spatial Analysis in Crime Prevention

Dr Melissa Burgess

NSW Department of Attorney General and Justice
The application of crime mapping in NSW

Dr Bruce Doran

Australian National University
Mapping fear of crime

Mr Luke Grant

Corrective Services NSW
Evidence-based Strategies for Reducing Reoffending in NSW

Ms Danielle Matsuo

Corrective Services NSW
The cost effectiveness of sexual offender treatment program

Concurrent session 2

Dr Marian Shanahan

National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre
Cannabis policy: estimating the economic costs to the criminal justice system

Associate Professor Anthony Shakeshaft

National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre
Improving the per incident cost estimates for alcohol-related crime in NSW, Australia

Margaret Southwell, Bankstown

City Council & Rebecca Sinclair, Burwood Council
Local Government: The practicality of localised crime prevention in 2011

Ms Jessica Ritchie & Rick Draper

Amtac Professional Services Pty Ltd
Tackling the forgotten dimension of crime: micro-level crime analysis

David Wray

WA Police
Outcomes based management heirarchies for crime prevention

Anthony Morgan

Australian Institute of Criminology
A combined approach to systematic review: Getting the most out of crime prevention evaluation

Mr Kevin O’Sullivan

Corrective Services NSW
It can’t be that good: Cognitive dissonance and how rehabilitation fails to convince

Professor Tim Prenzler

Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Policing and Security
Public-Private Crime Prevention Partnerships in Australia

Concurrent session 3

Dr Don Weatherburn

NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research
The impact of the criminal justice system on crime

Professor Chris Doran

National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre
Quantifying the cost-benefit of a community action approach to reducing alcohol related harm: conducting economic analyses in practice

Ms Bronny Walsh

Walsh & Associates
Realist evaluation: unpacking how a crime prevention programme works and implications for future policy decisions

Mr Boris Pointing

James Cook University
Maximising return on CCTV investment: Security Personnel and Alcohol-Related Assault in the Cairns Night-Time Economy


Crime prevention and policy

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Kate Hancott
02 6260 9272

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