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Indigenous young people, crime and justice conference

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Parramatta
31 August 2009 - 01 September 2009

About the conference

The overrepresentation of Indigenous young people in the criminal justice system has been identified as one of Australia's most significant social problems (Snowball 2008). The AIC's latest report on juveniles in detention showed that Indigenous young people were 21 times more likely to be detained than non-Indigenous young people (Taylor 2007). Although substantial efforts have been made to reduce this overrepresentation, little has been achieved in this regard.

This conference aims to identify and share the research and practice most relevant to addressing this problem. It has a major focus on Indigenous children and young people who interact with the criminal justice system early and/or repeatedly, who are likely to have complex needs and require highly targeted and joined up responses across the justice and other interrelated systems such as education, child protection, family support, and cultural services.