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Child sexual abuse : justice response or alternative resolution

Novotel Adelaide on Hindley, Adelaide
01 May 2003 - 02 May 2003


The sexual exploitation of children, both males and females, has occurred throughout history. However it has only been in the last few decades that it has been officially acknowledged with the relevant issues now beginning to be addressed. One of the key issues is the experiences of child complainants of sexual abuse in the justice system. This conference seeks to provide academics, researchers, lawyers, policy makers and practitioners from areas such as child protection, family law, community organisations and social welfare with a forum to discuss issues associated with child sexual abuse and the appropriate justice response and to identify best practice, share knowledge and develop strategies to address the relevant issues. Papers cover children and the legal system; child protection and Family Court disputes; child witnesses in the criminal justice system; alternative models for prosecuting offenders; and treatment programs for child sex offenders.

Conference papers

Keynote address

Overview of the issues

Children and the legal system

Child protection

Family court disputes

Issues and challenges

Research and practice

Empowerment and protection

Keynote address

Family law, the medical model and child protection

Alternative models for prosecuting offenders

Personal experiences of the family court system


Treatment for offenders