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Third Australasian women and policing conference : women and policing globally

National Convention Centre, Canberra
23 October 2002


This third Australasian women and policing conference was an interactive forum aiming to: examine and share models of policing from around the world with the potential to improve policing for women and children; inform Australian policing of issues for women and policing globally; provide a platform for meetings of women police and law enforcement officers from around the globe; provide an opportunity for academic debate and recommendations for further research into women and policing on a global scale; and develop and expand the global networks of women and policing. The conference examined a broad range of issues, including: women in regions of conflict and women as peacekeepers; international comparisons of women in policing and law enforcement around the globe; investigating and prosecuting war crimes, including rape and genocide; trafficking in women; international networks for women in policing and law enforcement; improving the status of women within policing and law enforcement; all forms of violence against women including domestic violence, sexual assault and female genital mutilation; increasing diversity within policing and law enforcement environments; the roles of police and law enforcement officers in protecting women's human rights; and best practice in policing for women. Some papers from the conference are represented only by abstracts.

Conference papers

Keynote addresses

  • Both sides of the thin blue line
    Pru Goward, Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner
  • Violence against women and women's human rights: an international perspective
    Anne Gallagher, United Nations Official, Former Adviser to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
  • Gender and excessive force: the cost of male vs female officers in America (Presentation not available)
    Margie Moore, National Centre for Women and Policing, USA
  • Why do we need women in policing? The history of women in policing (Presentation not available)
    Professor Frances Heidensohn, University of London

Policing domestic violence

Women in policing

  • Women today, yesterday and tomorrow (Presentation not available)
    A/Sgt Elizabeth Burns, Waverley Police Department, New South Wales
  • Gender equality in the Fiji Police (Presentation not available)
    Supt Merewalesi Verebalavu, Fiji Police Force
  • 30 years of women in the Pennsylvania State Police
    Major Kathryn E. Hosmer Doutt, Pennsylvania State Police, USA

Women and management

  • The impact of management education on women in policing (Presentation not available)
    Delayne Trofymowych, Charles Sturt University, and A/Prof Irene Froyland, Edith Cowan University
  • Improving the position of women in policing
    Stephanie Yearnshire, Teesside University, UK

Sexual violence

  • Legalised brothel prostitution and the traffic in women (Presentation not available)
    Sheila Jeffreys, University of Melbourne
  • Listen to our voices (Presentation not available)
    Ruth Christie, Canberra Rape Crisis Centre Inc.
  • Crisis responses to drug facilitated sexual assault (Presentation not available)
    Sarah Crookes and Maria Chalkes, Centre Against Sexual Assault, Victoria

Policing internationally

  • The Women in Law Enforcement Strategy - a Commonwealth network (Presentation not available)
    FA Audrey Fagan, Australian Federal Police
  • The Nordic-Baltic Network of Police Women
    Deputy Assistant Commissioner Maria Appelblom, Stockholm County Police, Sweden
  • Influencing the decision makers: the Commissioners' Australasian Women in Policing Advisory Committee (Presentation not available)
    FA Anne Dellaca, Australian Federal Police, and Commissioners's Australasian Women in Policing Advisory Committee

Child protection

  • 'Yell to tell'
    Vicki Key, Victoria Police
  • What is the status of child pornography investigations in your community? (Presentation not available)
    Det Lauri Schwartz, City of Madison Police Department, USA and Det Insp Kim McKay, NSW Police Service
  • Supervised parent/child contact
    Judy Harrison, Australian Children's Contact Service Association

Dealing with sexual harassment workshop

  • Dealing with sexual harassment (Presentation not available)
    Tamia Dow, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, USA

Violence Against Women

Women and Peacekeeping

  • Women, international peace and security
    Margaret Bearlin, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
  • Women in regions of conflict and post conflict (Presentation not available)
    Dr Elsina Wainwright, Australian Strategic Policy Institute
  • Women in peacekeeping
    FA Delia Quigley, Australian Federal Police
  • Peacekeeping operations missions: Croatia (Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe-O.S.C.E) East Timor (United Nations) Kosovo (O.S.C.E) (Presentation not available)
    Dolores Perez, Cuerpo Nacional de Policia, Spain

Managing otherness: twenty-first century issues in policing

  • Distance from norm - coping and adapting in a world of white heterosexual males (Presentation not available)
    Dr Marisa Silvestri, South Bank University, UK for Professor Jennifer Brown, University of Surrey, UK
  • Women and policing in the twentieth and twenty-first century: gender, identity and choices (Presentation not available)
    Professor Frances Heidensohn, University of London
  • A minority within a minority - women as police leaders (Presentation not available)
    Dr Marisa Silvestri, South Bank University, UK
  • "You can't have it both ways": being an officer and a lady (woman) in a male dominated occupation
    Dr Marisa Silvestri, South Bank University, UK for Jennifer Brown, University of Surrey, UK

International status of women in policing

Chair: Vanessa McLemore, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

Women, violence and policing globally

  • Domestic violence homicide prevention (Presentation not available)
    Ann O'Dell, STOPDV Incorporated, USA
  • Acting gender in the Victoria Police: a partnership pas de deux in a male-dominated organisational culture (Presentation not available)
    Pete French, RMIT, Victoria
  • Harmful cultural practices against women and children (girl child) in Uganda/Africa
    Hellen Alyek, Uganda Police Force
  • Mainstreaming gender into the police and criminal justice system: UNIFEM interventions (Presentation not available)
    Libby Lloyd AM for Dr. Jean D'Cunha, National Committee UNIFEM

Organisational barriers

  • Gender discrimination and regulatory behaviour: an Australian case study in policing (Presentation not available)
    Dr Tim Prenzler, Griffith University
  • Scaling the 6 foot wall: physical agility in American Police Department (Presentation not available)
    Margie Moore, National Centre for Women and Policing, USA
  • Contemporary issues facing women in policing
    Nadia Boni, Australasian Centre for Policing Research
  • Victoria Police physical screening of police applicants (Presentation not available)
    Insp Michael Glinsky, Victoria Police

Recruiting women

Policing women's human rights


  • Am I different to you or are you different from me? (Presentation not available)
    Helen Phelan, Western Australian Police Service
  • Homophobia and police gay and lesbian liaison (Presentation not available)
    Snr Const Melinda Edwards, Victoria Police
  • New Zealand Police - flexible employment and best practice
    Insp Paula Rose, New Zealand Police

Domestic violence and crime prevention

Trafficking in women

Best practice models

Organisational barriers

Professional issues

Women in government investigations units

  • Commonwealth investigators: working the limbo between Australian public and private policing
    Christine Lidgard, Department of Education, Science and Training
  • The criminalisation of women: the impact and implications of financial abuse
    Betty Green and Irene Pearce, Bankstown Women's Health Centre, NSW
  • Why don't more women seek appointment to the State Crime Squads, Crime Department, Victoria Police Force? And why don't they stay there long term? (Presentation not available)
    Greg Robertson, Victoria Police


  • Diversity (Presentation not available)
    Const Andrea Reynolds, West Midlands Police Service, UK
  • Motherhood and policing - a modern mix
    Sgt Jennene McMaster, Victoria Police
  • Experience of women in policing who come from diverse backgrounds (Presentation not available)
    Sandra Brooks and Jo Kamira, Charles Sturt University

Feminist dilemmas for policing

  • Empowering women and doing justice: feminist dilemmas for policing (Presentation not available)
    Melinda Tynan, Australasian Council of Women and Policing
  • The changing face of feminism is australian society and the criminalisation and deviantisation of domestic violence (Presentation not available)
    Ann Sebire, Victoria Police

Writing your legacy (workshop)

  • Writing your legacy - writing your story (Presentation not available)
    Laura Goodman-Brown, State Office of Crime Victims Ombudsman, US

Best police practice for women in the community

Status of women in policing

  • Women development in Pakistan
    Zahida Tariq, International Association of Women Police
  • Difference in belief about gender related competency in the Western Australia Police Service (Presentation not available)
    Janet Deveney-Salmon and Det Sgt Michelle Fyfe, Western Australia Police Service
  • An examination of the way senior women in policing have been portrayed in the media, particularly in cartoons (Presentation not available)
    Sgt Jill Bruce, Victoria Police
  • Improving the status of women in policing (Presentation not available)
    Janet McGrath, Western Australian Police Service

Conflict management (Workshop)

  • Conflict management (Presentation not available)
    Alan Malinchak, Federal Bureau of Investigation, USA

Domestic violence training

  • "State of the art", best practice in the USA-DV intervention (Presentation not available)
    Ann O'Dell, STOPDV Incorporated, USA

Crime, globalisation and policing

  • Crime scene management (Presentation not available)
    John Yearnshire, National Training Centre, UK
  • The lure of gangs - immigration and organised crime (Presentation not available)
    Wendy Austin, NSW Police Service
  • The impact of globalisation in managing public order: a practitioners viewpoint (Presentation not available)
    Cmdr Lola Scott, New South Wales Police Service

Employment practices in policing

Investigating sexual assault

Integrity and gender

Women and police networks internationally

  • The International Association of Women Police (Presentation not available)
    Terrie Swann, International Association of Women Police, USA
  • Police Federation of Australia, Women's Advisory Committee (Presentation not available)
    Margaret Hogan, The Police Association, VIC
  • Where to from 2002? (Presentation not available)
    Helen McDermott and Melinda Tynan, Australasian Council of Women and Policing

Panel: Terrorism

  • Ground Zero (Presentation not available)
    Captain Terry Tobin, New York Police Department, USA
  • The other victims
    Kathleen Burke, Retired Detective, New York Police Department, USA