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Key speaker profiles

Ms Kim Pate

Kim Pate is the Executive Director of the Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies. The Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies is a federation of autonomous societies which works with, and on behalf of, women involved with the justice system, particularly women in conflict with the law. Some of the current key issues of the Elizabeth Fry Societies are Community Release and Institutional Management issues pertaining to women serving Federal Terms of imprisonment, and treatment needs of women identified as high-risk, high need and/or violent offenders.

Ms Penny Armytage

Ms Penny Armytage was appointed Victoria's Commissioner for Correctional Services in 1999. She is the principal adviser to the Department of Justice and the Minister on Victoria's correctional services system and its associated service delivery issues in both community correctional services and prisons.

Ms Nancy Stableforth

Nancy Stableforth was appointed the first Deputy Commissioner of Women for the Correctional Service of Canada in 1996. In that capacity, Ms Stableforth has overall responsibility for the federal women offenders program and related policy initiatives. She is also a Senior Deputy Commissioner of Correctional Services of Canada.

Ms Joan Russell

Joan Russell has worked across the South Australian public service, and within many of its separate agencies in a career which is characterised by a steady commitment to social justice, merit and equity and customer service excellence. Her work focuses on management improvement through organisation review and best practice in personnel management. Joan is now the Director Human Resources SA Police, the first non-police person to hold that position and the first woman on the Senior Executive Group in SAPOL.

Dr Adam Graycar

Since 1994 Adam Graycar has been Director of the Australian Institute of Criminology, a Commonwealth Government statutory authority. He has had long experience in policy making, research and research management at the most senior levels in Australia. He was the first Director of the Social Policy Research Centre, University of New South Wales. He is the author of numerous books and articles in social policy, is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences, Australia, and is Adjunct Professor of Social Policy, University of Queensland.

Ms Anne Dutney

Anne Dutney is the Deputy Director-General of the Department of Corrective Services in Queensland and has had in excess of 16 years in the custodial and community corrections arms of the service in both the public and private sectors. Anne has held several senior executive positions within the former Queensland Corrective Services Commission, with a private sector provider and now with the Department of Corrective Services. In addition to senior executive positions Anne has been the General Manager of a correctional centre. Anne has a particular interest in issues pertaining to women in corrections as they relate to both staffing and offender.

Ms Lee Downes

Lee Downes joined the Department of Corrective Services in 1979, beginning her career as a Correctional Officer at Mulawa Women's Prison. Lee has 'worked her way up through the ranks' and has held every custodial rank in a correctional centre, including Governor of Emu Plains prison. Lee is currently seconded to the Operations Section of the Department of Corrective Services, and is working on the design of a 200 bed correctional centre for women at South Windsor.

Ms Sue Howard

Sue Howard commenced her career in broadcasting at radio 5UV in Adelaide. Sue went on to become the ABC's first female Breakfast presenter on 774 ABC Melbourne. In 1994 she switched from sitting in front of the microphone to behind the scenes. In July 2000 as part of a restructuring of the ABC Sue was appointed Director of Radio with responsibility for all ABC Radio activities.

Ms Maud Clarke

Maud Clarke is a Director of Somebody's Daughter Theatre Company. Somebody's Daughter Theatre Company has grown from the Fairlea Women's Drama group and is comprised mainly of women who have a history of imprisonment. The theatre company has been working with women in prison for about 20 years and grapples with issues that directly stem from drug addiction and imprisonment.

Professor Kevin Howells

Kevin Howells is Professor of Forensic Psychology and Head of the Forensic and Applied Psychology Research Group at the University of South Australia. He has published widely in the area of rehabilitation and treatment of offenders, psychological assessment, anger and violence, mental disorder in offenders and correctional programs. His current position involves close liaison with the Department of Correctional Services in South Australia.