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Art crime : protecting art, protecting artists and protecting consumers

Landmark Parkroyal, Sydney
02 December 1999 - 03 December 1999


Irresponsible and distorted claims of fraud in the popular media have threatened the major multi-million dollar art industry in Australia. Art crime is often a hidden crime as many public galleries do not report theft which would show their security as being inadequate and private collections may not wish to call attention to their collections. The legitimate art market often unknowingly passes on stolen art, and the criminal art market operates in quite a different way to the general market for stolen goods.

This conference aimed to inform the market about the nature of art fraud and heritage crime, in order to increase the protection of both artists and consumers. The proceedings examine the problems of: fraud, forgery, theft and recovery, money laundering, authentication and copyright issues, particularly Aboriginal copyright. Ways of keeping better records of art loss and verification technologies are also discussed.

Conference papers

Art crime : winners and losers

Fakes and frauds I

Fakes and frauds II

Law enforcement issues


Legal issues in art crime : Australian and international

Aboriginal art : authenticity and the consumer

Aboriginal art : knowledge for consumers

Crime prevention