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Facts & Figures online data tool

A selection of information from the annual compilation of information on crime in Australia, published each year by the Australian Institute of Criminology, is now available as an interactive online information resource.

The published Facts & Figures presents statistics on the numbers and types of recorded crime, their place of occurrence, victim details, responses of criminal justice agencies and government resources for dealing with crime and corrections, to help enhance understanding of the trends and patterns influencing crime and criminal justice in Australia. The published version of Australian Crime: Facts & Figures is available here

You can use this interactive tool to search and undertake basic analysis on areas such as:

  • the rate of violent crime and property crime in Australia;
  • the age, sex and locations of victims of selected crime types; and
  • the frequency and types of weapons used in violent crimes.

The online information is based on Australian Bureau of Statistics data.

A full list of figures is available in the right-hand menu.

How to use this tool

The Figures are interactive. The data displayed can be altered by clicking on different categories in the legend at the top of some of the Figures. Other Figures can also be filtered by variables such as year or crime, or the age and gender of the victim.

Please read the data declaration prior to using the tool. Access the declaration here.

Chart example