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Conferencing in Australia

Conference timing Referrer Convenor Legal representation Overseer/ ratifying authority Links
ACT Prior to prosecution Police Police No entitlement Police
NSW At any stage Specialist Youth Officer Conference Convenor Legal professional may be present in advisory or representative capacity Conference Administrator Youth justice conferences
NT Prior to prosecution Police Facilitator appointed by police Police Juvenile pre-court diversion scheme
QLD Prior to court proceedings Police or court Community Conference Convenor Right to seek legal advice No formal ratification but outcome guided by legislation Youth justice conferencing
SA As alternative to prosecution Police Youth Justice Coordinator Entitled Police Family Conferencing Team
TAS Any stage Police or court Facilitator appointed by Department With permission of the facilitator Secretary of Department Youth justice: community conferencing
VIC At point of sentence Children's Court Administered by Mission of St James and St John Lawyer may be present Court
WA Prior to prosecution Police or court Juvenile Justice Team No entitlement Juvenile Justice Team