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Drug use monitoring in Australia

  • AIC research program
  • Start date: 1999 (Pilot phase, completed 2001); Continuation phase start date: January 2002

The Drug use monitoring in Australia (DUMA) program seeks to measure drug use among people recently apprehended by police. DUMA currently collects quarterly drug use information from police detainees at nine sites across Australia. The collection is the only ongoing survey of offenders. The program examines the relationship between drugs and crime, and monitors local drug markets and drug use patterns by detainees across time.

The DUMA program is a partnership between the AIC, state police services and local researchers. DUMA is an invaluable aid to community planning, monitoring and resource allocation, and represents an important source of data for state and federal policymakers. Data collected through DUMA sites provides a research and evaluation tool for local analysts, policymakers and practitioners.

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