Australian Institute of Criminology

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Crime and justice projects

The Australian Institute of Criminology is responsible for undertaking research projects that capture the social, economic, technological and policy-related aspects of a range of crime and justice issues. These projects aim to improve knowledge of issues such as the costs of crime; access to justice, fraud; the detection and reduction of crime; violence; weapons, drug use, victims and offenders.

Criminal Justice Monitoring and Analysis

The Criminal Justice Monitoring and Analysis Program's objectives are to enhance and promote knowledge of some of Australia's central crime and justice issues, such as illicit drug use and crime; deaths in custody, prisoner rehabilitation, offender management, justice programs and policies for Indigenous Australians, and youth justice. Specifically, the Program aims to:

  • identify trends in Indigenous and non-Indigenous offending and custody incidents over time;
  • conduct primary research on Indigenous justice;
  • improve understanding about young people and their contact with the criminal justice system; and
  • inform key stakeholders and the public of changes in trends and patterns in the monitored programs, all in a timely manner.

Crime Prevention and Evaluation

The Crime Prevention and Evaluation Program focuses on two major areas: research that aims to contribute to the knowledge base on effective crime prevention policy and practice; and high-quality evaluations of strategies which prevent and reduce crime. AIC researchers work with practitioners and policy makers around Australia to implement and promote knowledge exchange and to improve the evidence base through:

  • program review and evaluation studies;
  • capacity building and improvement, through reviewing implementation processes and developing performance measures;
  • initiatives to establish collaborative research and development with partner organisations,
  • formal workshops and conference presentations; and
  • direct technical assistance, particularly in the crime prevention area.

Transnational, Organised and Cyber Crime Program

The Transnational and Organised Crime Program aims to provide information on, and analysis of, the causes, extent, threats, prevention and control of complex and sophisticated criminal activity in relation to:

  • economic crime;
  • consumer fraud;
  • identity crime, and
  • cybercrime.

Violence and Exploitation

The Violence and Exploitation Program is focused on two areas: violent crimes including homicide, alcohol-related violence, armed robbery, and family violence; and victimisation through human trafficking and slavery. This Program aims to:

  • Coordinate the national homicide and armed robbery monitoring datasets and research; and
  • manage the Human Trafficking and Slavery Research Program.